MW3 multiplayer tips and tricks to dominate matches

MW3 multiplayer tips and tricks to dominate matches

Our expert tips and tricks for multiplayer mw3 cheats

Based on our extensive time across the game’s shifting seasons, here are some tips to keep in mind as you dive into a CoD lobby:

Minimap and situation awareness are key
Wear a headset to hear directional sound
Opt for the right scorestreaks
Experiment with loadouts and adapt to threats
Customize your aim and controller settings
Work toward the right attachments, battle pass, and Armory unlocks
Rely on Double XP weekends to reduce the grind for gear
Use Zombies mode to unlock weapons fast via exfils
Master slide cancels to surprise foes
Use objectives to bait enemy players
Cycle through different camping spots after kills
Use the killcam to sniff out enemy positions
Learn map choke points, sightlines, and flanking routes
Communicate as much as possible with callouts

Minimap and situation awareness are key

While it can be easy to get caught up in the action,mw3 free unlock all tool remember to keep an eye on the minimap on the top left of your screen. This will alert you to enemies that have used unsuppressed weapons, letting you protect allies or surprise your opponents. Understanding how the map works will help with this, especially when certain choke points and corridors are favored by some players.
Wear a headset to hear directional sound

A pair of headphones is a must while playing any FPS title. In addition to hearing callouts from allies, you will be able to hear footsteps and gunshots. Predict enemy locations and lay traps for them with this information. Remember that some equipment like the Ghost T/V Camo and Lightweight Boots will make it harder for you to anticipate enemy attacks.

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